name game

Naming a person is freakin' hardwork.  It's so much pressure to pick out a name that someone will have for the rest of their lives. I second guess our decision anytime we tell people and they screw up their faces like, 'really?? hmmm....' (mostly only grandparents have done that. My grandparents. Not baby's).

What if she hates it? What if she CHANGES it!? How much of your name forms who you are as a person? Panic attack!!!

Brad and I had a few names we liked right off the bat, but couldn't really see them working in real life. We would think we'd decided on something, and then get scared and rethink it.

But finally. FINALLY.  We have landed on a name that we both agree on. And now that I'm making this announcement, it has to stick! Buahaha! 

Ashtyn is a name we both liked, and it sounds pretty hip and cool right? Sure.

Aubrey was Brad's grandfather's middle name. So it's been her middle name before we knew she was a 'she.'

And now we just need to get used to calling her that. Which is such a weird concept...referring to my belly as a person with her own name.  But that's exactly what she is.


  1. I loooove it!!! I have a sister named Aubrey, and Ashtyn is beautiful! It has an awesome ring to it.. Ashtyn Aubrey. It's so solid! And I mean how it sounds, as in a strong name, not as in "that's solid dude". Lol

  2. loooooooooooooooooooove! She's AA, and we have PP. :)

    1. OH YEAH!! That was not on purpose, but it's AWESOME! :)

  3. I love it! I've had to name two kids now, and boys at that (Which was just harder for me than coming up with girl names). And you're right, it's HARD!

  4. that is awesome! see all that panic and worrying and you guys just about picked the hippest name out there. not only that but both names go great together, i absolutely love it!



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