What's in a name?


Naming a baby is hard work. You have to think of a million different scenarios that baby will confront over the course of her lifetime.  Basically, you're picking out something very public that someone will have to live with for the rest of their lives.

We/I have a confession to make. Regarding my baby girl's name.  As you may have noticed, I hardly reference her by the name we have announced.

When I think of the day when I am finally speaking to my girl, Ashtyn feels wrong. Thinking about nicknames I would call her, or yelling at her when she's in trouble...it doesn't quite fit for a little girl of mine.  I still think it's a cute name, but it doesn't feel right for us, ya know?

It's not completely off the table, but we're rethinking.  Ultimately, we'd like her name to mean something.

As of right now, her middle name will stay the same. It's a family name, and we like that.

We're weighing our options and testing things out.  But so far we haven't decided on anything we both like.

Husband has always been hesitant to give her a name before seeing her face. And I'm starting to think maybe that's a good idea.

In other words, you'll find out baby's official name when we do.  After she's born.


  1. Or you could let her name herself. Like Peeakboo Street got to.

  2. after we announced Parker Penny, i was really wanting to change it to Stella. But ultimately, Parker Penny had meaning...both family names and stella was just a name we liked...so i totally understand!

  3. I agree, naming is so tough! We keep going back and forth, especially on middle names. I think we will end up doing just like you - having a mental list and see what he looks like when he is here.

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