Weekend love

I'm sure this comes as no surprise. and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. But I love weekends. Seriously, truly love them. Those 2 days of spending my time however I choose.  They are blissful.

On Friday, I came home from work with the idea that we'd spend the evening getting the crib set up in the baby's room.  However, when I walked into my house, my darling cutest husband said he'd already done it.  By himself. With no directions (the crib was a hand-me-down so we don't have a copy of the directions). I didn't believe him at first.  I've heard dealing with cribs is a b-word, so how on earth could he have done it by himself? And then just blurt it out like that like it was no big deal.  But I walked up the stairs and into her room, and there it was. All put together and complete-like.

We still need bedding (the sheet came with the crib set).  Hopefully we'll get something for one of the upcoming showers.  I'm excited about the way her room is coming together.  I'm still debating on whether or not I want to paint the crib a white or cream color....which I guess I should've done before hubby put it back together... so maybe it's too late. oops.  But I like the idea of it being white or cream.  Also this weekend, my Mother-In-Law brought over a rocking chair for us.  It was the same chair she rocked her babies in. And I tear/crack up when I think about her rocking my chubb-o little husband in it. He was fat. And adorable. And the adorableness of it makes me laugh. I hope baby girl is chubs. Chubby babies are the best.

Also this weekend, I sewed.  But first I totally threaded the machine BY MYSELF. I'm probably a little over excited about that, but hey. That's the first step in sewing something. You've got to make the machine work. And look at me. Professional.  At least at threading.

After threading my machine, I made a rag doll*.  'Cause I can do that now. Don't be too impressed, it should have taken me an hour or 2 max to put the doll together.  Instead it took me 2 evenings.  Because the first time I sewed one arm to her head and one to her hip.  Sewing is hard. Don't laugh. Except you can laugh. It looked like she was stuck in a mid-macarena-dance-pose. Brad definitely cracked up. And then I cried because I'm pregnant and don't laugh at me, husband (even though I was totally laughing at myself before he laughed).

So then I took her all apart and put her back together again.  This time, all limbs were attached only where they were meant to be attached.

I had a very similar doll when I was a kid that I loved.  Until she disappeared one day.  So when I found this pattern online I was pretty stoked. Now she just needs clothes. And a face. And maybe a hat to hide her baldness.

On Saturday, Brad and I took a birthing class. It was just a 1-day class. And it was intense. Long day. with 2 videos and bad 80s hair (on the videos, of course). Birthing is weird, you guys. I've heard so many different ways that it can go, that I'm really trying not to think about it very much. It's gonna go whatever it's going to go, and I'll end up with a baby at the end. She can't stay in there forever!

*I found the pattern and tutorial for this doll here. There's also some other tutorials for making clothes and hair and faces for your doll.


  1. I LOVE WEEKENDs!!!! i love that doll, too! :)

  2. Yay for getting the crib ready to go! And for sewing - I had my mom sew all our baby projects :)

    We are going baby furniture shopping this weekend, and I can't wait.

  3. :) Love it!!!!! You can make me a rag doll... ;)

    Baby girl's going to love her life!


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