We love Jesus

My husband and I are people of faith.

I hesitate to use the word "religious" because I don't believe that's what we are.  We're "Jesus People" as our pastor likes to say. Just a couple of broken, sinful humans trying to follow Jesus' teachings (and His example) to be loving, gracious, and compassionate.  (Nowhere in this am I trying to imply that we're great at it. But it is our goal.)

"Love does no wrong to anyone, so love satisfies all of God's requirements." 
Romans 13:10 (NLT)

Brad and I both grew up in christian homes. Spent our Sundays in Sunday School, later spent our Wednesdays in Youth Group, and Brad even spent his high school days "rebelling" against mainstream teenagers, wearing a beanie with "Jesus Freak" written in duct tape stuck to the forehead of his hat.

I'm telling you this, not only to embarrass my husband (his beanie wearing days are adorable now, but my teenage self would've thought he was totally weird), but because it's a huge part of who I am, who we are, and how we want to raise our family.


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