Full. Term. (and the completed nursery!)

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 37th week of pregnancy.  That is full term, people! Which means that Little Miss could come safely now at any point.  
We are so excited to meet her!  Brad makes sure to tell me every day how he can't wait to see her. 
I can't believe how quickly this time has gone by. Only 3 more weeks until her due date! 
Her nursery is 99% complete.  We just need a few smaller items and we'll be all set!
When we first started talking about what the nursery would look like, I wanted to be very intentional about the design.  But like every other room in our house, this one happened more by circumstance.  But I kind of love the way it turned out.
Brad completely gutted the room when we found out we were pregnant. It needed new insulation, and it was the only room in the house without a heat register.

I'm so proud of the job he did!  It looks beautiful! He did all of the work himself minus the electrical.  We had the room completely rewired (the rest of the house has super old wiring), and we added a cadet heater to keep her warm.
The crib and glider were both hand-me-down items (aka FREE!), and they just happened to perfectly match each other in color.  Originally, I had planned on having white furniture in her nursery. But I'm glad we didn't go that route. With the white bead board on the walls, I think white furniture would be too much.
This weekend, I washed and put away all of her tiny little clothes.  I do need to get a changing pad for the top of her dresser and a nightlight would be useful as well. But other than that we're good to go.  Come on baby, we're ready for you!!


  1. you did a great job on her room! can't believe he did it all on his own! that's awesome.

    happy full term!

  2. It looks great! Congrats on being full term! Cant wait to see her!

  3. Looks great! I love the ladybugs on the wall! She's a lucky little girl!

  4. The nursery turned out beautifully. I love the built-in shelves. Isn't it so exciting to see things coming together and knowing your little girl will here in a few short weeks?!

  5. You can have our changing pad! It's the Summer brand one on Amazon. It has the Carter's super-soft cover in chocolate brown. We loved it when Simon was smaller, but now we just pin him to the ground. Let me know if you want me to bring it by!

  6. Love the nursery, looks great! Hope things go well for you in the next short bit you have left!

  7. Com on Baby! We are SO EXCITED to meet you! Great post babe!

  8. Aww... what a beautiful nursery!! Your baby girl is going to be so cozy!


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