Four months ago today, it was a gorgeously sunny, abnormally warm march day. But instead of enjoying the weather, I was pushing a human out of my body. 

It was the best day. 

I can't believe how quickly time is passing. She has become such a little person, in what seems like just overnight. One day she was a sleepy snuggly newborn, and suddenly it's like she's woken up and become a wiggly active baby. 

A baby who yells. 

Not like yell-cry. Not many tears here. 

Like yell-yell. 

The girl is loud. She yells at her toys when they don't go in her mouth the right way. Yells to let us know she's awake and hungry. Yells at us when she's got a soiled diaper. And yells to let us know she's tired and needs to lie down. 

She is Yelly Ellie. 

Aside from yelling, Ellie likes:

Sitting in her walker (no walking in the walker tho, she's too short and I took the wheels off)

Chewing on Sophie the Giraffe

Watching Daddy play the guitar

Sucking on her toes

Standing with mommy's help

And practicing rolling over, also with mommy's help. Last month she would roll from tummy to back but seems to have forgotten how lately. So we're working on rolling from back to tummy these days. 


  1. we love our Yelly Ellie!! Happy 4 months, sweet girl!

  2. Hehe Yelly Ellie has a great ring to it!

    She sounds like a blast :)

    She's also so adorable! I love the pictures on Instagram of her!

  3. Oh, I love the pictures! She is such a little cutie!


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