It's a....

This morning, Brad and I had our 20-week ultrasound and check up at the midwives' office. 

Baby is measuring a little big, with long arms and legs (tall like her mother).  She was lying on her stomach facing toward my back, and refused to turn over and let us see her face.  She did look over her shoulder once or twice so we could kind of get a slight view of her profile, but nothing direct.  She kicked and moved around a ton and reposed, but always covered her head and never faced outward. And no matter how much I turned or moved or shook around, she would not look.

At one point the Ultrasound tech said, "You have a wild child in there."  She was that wiggly.

We're so excited to be having a little girl!  It's what we'd both hoped for, and of course Brad started tearing up as soon as we got the news.

Here's to tutus and tea parties and pigtails!   We can't wait!!!


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