the little things

I'm 22 weeks and 5 days pregnant now. Sunday will mark the start of week 23, and I can't believe how quickly time is flying.

Today, I'm linking up with Lindsay at Hello Hue for her link party appreciating the little things in life.

This week was actually a pretty stressful one at work, and dealing with life things (blah, adulthood). Emotions were running high and I had a really hard time loving people this week (I swear every person at work and driving on the road was trying to frustrate me). But it was the little things that made this week tolerable. And now it's FINALLY Friday.

1. Baby girl is growing like mad! I actually look like I have a baby in there now. Which is awesome, people. No more weird chubbiness for me. It's all baby.

2. Baby hiccups. My pregnancy app on my iPhone was telling me that during this stage of development, babies practice lung function by breathing in amniotic fluid.  Which is kinda gross if you think about it, BUT she's also getting the hiccups to work on developing her diaphragm.  And when she has them, my whole belly moves. It's amazing.

3.  Brad's got baby's room all dry-walled! Now it just needs the finishing touches.  He's been working really hard on getting everything ready for her, and I love that he's so excited.

4. Speaking of my husband; he finally felt baby kick this morning.  He'd been complaining a bit because every time I'd tell him she was moving, as soon as he'd put his hand on my stomach she would stop. He thought he'd felt it a few times before, really lightly, but finally this morning, she kicked him as hard as she could right in the palm of his hand.  I watched his hand move!  And his whole face lit up with excitement. It was the best.

5. Lastly, my grandparent's bought this doll for baby. I had a similar doll when I was a kid that i LOVED, and they were so excited to give this one to us. It's great to see everyone so excited to meet our little one.

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy, that is exciting. I am right there with you - except my husband is still waiting to feel the first kicks!

  2. cute baby belly! you are just a few weeks ahead of me :) i am loving feeling my sweet peanut moving around it is so special!

  3. baby kicks and hiccups...the best :)


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