Happy Halloween?

Brad and I kind of slacked on the Halloween fun this year.  We didn't pick out costumes, we didn't decorate our house, and we were totally those people in the grocery store Tuesday night scrounging the last few bags of candy. The only thing we did do was carve pumpkins, and we did that at the house of some friends where we then left our pumpkins to decorate their porch.

my pumpkin is pregnant

When I got home from work yesterday, our front gate was wide open and it looked as though we'd been visited by some trick-or-treaters (we leave our porch light on all day). I could already hear kids running around, excited about candy.  So I went inside expecting a large number of children to inundate my door step.

Brad got home a little later than I did, and went outside to hook up his homemade rain barrels (more on that in a later post).  And I think that he scared all of the early kids away, because no one came while he was outside.  I ran out to pick up some dinner and when I came back I knocked on the front door.  He came to the door holding the bowl of candy and was disappointed when it was just me.  He said no one had come while I was gone.

We only got 2 groups of trick-or-treaters the whole night, but we heard several groups of kids purposefully pass right by our house.  After 9:15, I turned the light off.  1) because kids shouldn't be out that late and 2) most kids who are out that late are creepy old greedy teenagers, or weird 20-something men in half-@$$ed costumes wanting free candy.

While we sat in the living room waiting for kids to come, we lit a fire in the fireplace and ate dinner... and most of the Butterfingers.

It was kind of a sad Halloween (though, I do love our cozy fireplace and Butterfingers).  We think it's because the house next door to us and the house across the street are both vacant (one is a rental and one is a foreclosure), and the rest of our block had their lights off (lame-o's!). We live on a corner though so we'd expected to at least get the kids going by us on the side.

Next year, I'll decorate more and make sure our yard looks inviting so kids come.  Plus, we'll have our own little one next year and she'll definitely be dressed up in a cute little costume.

But hey, at least this year, there's more candy for us!

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