little updates

This weekend, Brad and I drove to Sequim, WA.  A fairly small town located on the northwestern coast of the Peninsula. Brad's dad grew up there; back when it was a really small town.   We had a lovely visit (I love his family!).  Whenever we go to Sequim it feels like a mini-vacation.  We only stayed Friday night, but it was so relaxing and fun to catch up with some folks.

On Saturday, on our way back, we stopped at a trading post along HWY 101.  It's near a few Native reservations, so the trading post sells a lot of sweet handmade goods.  They also sell Minnetonka Moccassins.  Brad bought a pair last time we went by there, so this time we stopped to get a pair for Baby.

They may be the cutest things I've ever seen.

Also, for Baby Girl, I'd been working on a new crochet stuffed cat for over a week.  I wasn't sure how to complete its face without it looking scary so I'd been putting off doing the final details. On Saturday night, I finally buckled down and completed it.  I think it turned out pretty good.  I hope she likes it.

Also, this weekend, my hands and feet started to swell.  Yay pregnancy. I took off my shoes on Saturday night to find puffy feet and ankles.  And of course I panicked and Googled it. And its normal to have slight swelling in your hands and feet at 22 weeks pregnant.  Thanks, Dr. Google.  It did get my attention as far as dehydration goes. If your hydrated, you won't swell as fast.  I know I don't drink enough water everyday. And baby girl deserves to not be thirsty.

The worst part about the swelling, is that my wedding and engagement rings no longer fit. And now that I actually look like I'm with-child, I feel weird wandering around without my rings on.  People already confuse me for a college student, I don't really want to make them think I'm 22 and pregnant with an accident baby.  I walked around all day yesterday with my rings on a chain around my neck, and I wanted to make a sign that said, "I promise I'm pregnant AND married."   I need to stop caring so much what strangers think... Today, during my lunch break, I went to Target and TJ Maxx to find a temporary replacement. Originally, I just thought I'd buy a cheap accessory ring at Target and call it good, but apparently even with swollen fingers, my ring size is still below the average size 7.  My wedding rings are a size 4.5. Freakish skeletor-like skinny fingers, as my sisters like to say.  Target had pretty rings, but none of them fit, so I trekked over to TJ Maxx (in the same shopping complex) to see if they had anything. 

They only had one ring in a size 6 (which is still a little bit big).  It's not exactly what I had in mind, but it stays on my ring finger and gets the point across.

It works.


  1. If you need to borrow my Target ring if your fingers keep swelling you can! :)

  2. lol my ring is a 6 or a 6.25 to begin with. I have freakish man hands. And also am not drinking enough water...trying to keep my ring on as long as possible (but I will DEFINITELY be going the target route when it doesn't fit- even if no one is looking at my hand after my belly I'm with you- I want it clear that my husband is this baby daddy. :)

  3. Those mocassins are the cutest things!

  4. First of all those moccasins are completely adorable :)

    My ring size is a 4 too and swelled during pregnancy and never took them off and was worried I would lose a finger due to circulation loss lol.


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