PNW Blogger Meet-Up/Holiday Party

I am a shy person, by nature, and extremely self-conscious in situations where I don't know a lot of people (or no one at all).  If left to my own devices, I'm pretty sure I would end up a hermit. Thankfully, I married Mr. Social, and he makes me do things outside of our house.

Since becoming an "adult" (am I one of those yet?) I have made a continued effort to step outside of my comfort zone, plaster a smile on my face (because apparently my relaxed face can look mean), and be somewhat outgoing... sometimes.

This weekend was a big deal for me.  I attended my very first blogger meet-up/networking event. And it was fun!

The event was held in Portland, OR (about a 3 hour drive south of Tacoma). I drove down with Ruthy and Lindsy; real life friends, and blogging ladies, as well.  They're always fun to be around, so the car ride down was enjoyable in and of itself. Especially when we stopped for dinner at Burgerville at Lindsy's suggestion.  If you haven't been there. Go. (Sorry North PNW peeps, the closest one is in Centralia, but it's definitely worth the drive!) I had really tasty fries and a chocolate cherry milkshake, which was to die for, and my travel companions both had Tillamook cheeseburgers and pumpkin pie milkshakes.  Upon seeing their burgers, I immediately regretted not getting one. I will definitely be going back there sooner than later.

The event was held at West Elm in downtown Portland. There were yummy treats, and free wine (which I didn't get to drink, obviously, but it smelled delicious), and lots of new people to meet.

I actually surprised myself by wandering off by myself and chatting with women I'd never met before, and they were all awesome!

The one regret I have is that I didn't make any business cards to take with me. So I could only collect others' cards (if they had them), and will now have to resort to methods of stalking to find the blogs of ladies who also didn't have business cards.

I think the best part about the event, was that several other ladies brought up the fact that they have shy/awkward tendancies and their husbands are the social butterflies...

I have found my people!!

I'm already looking forward to the next event.


  1. Burgerville is the best! I am so loving their sweet potato fries right now!

    It was really great to meet you at the meet up :)

  2. nice to meet you! and look at me, awkwardly in one of your photos... how nice :)

  3. Very cool! I've always wanted to check out a blogger meetup!

  4. I'm so happy you came down; it was absolutely fabulous meeting and chatting with you!


    1. It was great chatting with you too!!

      I've already shared your blog with my sister. she loves the name. :)

  5. :) sorry i spelled your name wrong! i'll fix it asap!

  6. So glad you came and met new people! It was such a fun event. I think that a lot of bloggers are so used to/ and comfortable being behind their screens when they meet people (ie blog stalk/twitter/facebook) that when we get out into the real world it is a little harder for us. I know that I get nervous with lots of people. BUT, It is so fun when we do break our barriers down an meet new people!

    1. Exactly! It's always scary going into those situations, but it's usually fun when I do put myself out there. :)

  7. looks like so much fun! I love blogger meet ups!


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