Dear baby

Dear baby,

In exactly one week, your dad and I get to find out if you're a boy or a girl!! We are beyond excited to find out more about you. Please don't be shy and hide your little bits. They're nothing to be ashamed of!

This week we had an electrician come to rewire your room. It's now the only room in the house without 86 year old wiring! We hope you like it. I still need to pick a paint color for the walls, and I'm hoping that seeing your little face on the ultrasound machine will help to inspire me. Can you just look straight at the "camera" and tell me what color you'd prefer? That'd be most helpful.

We cannot wait to see what you look like, and I'm hoping that the sonogram will give us a better idea of who's features you have. Though, I'm sure you'll be good looking no matter what.

I am trying to be conscious of what I'm eating so that you will be the healthiest baby ever born. Though this is proving difficult as you seem to have your mother's sweet tooth, and you really enjoy chicken Mcnuggets with sweet & sour sauce. I haven't baked this many cookies since moving away to college! And I've never eaten this much McDonalds. It's not good. We've got to stop this. The cookies will most likely continue, but the mickey D's has got to stop. We need more leafy green veggies! I'm getting a little nervous about climbing on the scale at the doctor's office next week.

Your dad is across the country this week and it is the worst. Even the kitty cat is missing him. She has been climbing all over us today. Sorry that she keeps walking on you. I think she might know you're in there and be walking on you on purpose. If it bothers you too much just give her a good kick.

Speaking of kicks, you have been doing some serious acrobatics in there in the last couple weeks. Your dad is getting jealous that I can feel you and he can't. So if you could kick a little harder when he gets home I'm sure he would appreciate it. He's working hard to get our house ready for your arrival so it'd be nice if you could throw him a bone.

We are so excited for you to join us! We pray for you everyday, and know what a blessing you already are to our family. You already have so many people who love you! Take your time in there and focus on growing healthy, but also kind of hurry up... We're anxious out here!



Your dad tearing up your room.


  1. love you. Can't wait for the reveal next week!!

  2. Precious letter to our grandbaby.


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