Little things...

It's been pretty grouchy over at our house this week. Both husband and myself have been in crummy moods for the last few days.  For me it's mostly pregnancy related things (like little feet in my side (ouch), baby deciding to turn breech today after months of being head-down (W-T-Heck, baby!?) and having to pee every 3.5 minutes) combined with boredom at work. Maybe some of my grump is rubbing off on him.  No matter what is causing it, it is definitely getting old.

Despite all the scowling at home, there have been a few good things about this week, and it's time to focus on those. The little things that brighten up cloudy days.

It's sunny today! It's freezing cold. But the sun is shining, and that is good enough for me sometimes.

Dinners out with friends. Brad and I met some friends for dinner the other night at a new-to-us restaurant.  It was fun, and really nice to get out of the house one evening.

Family. We have great families. Both of us. Everyone's so willing to pitch in and help and make sure we have everything need before Ashtyn gets here. It's really nice.

Plans.  We have a lot of events coming up that I'm looking forward to over the next 10 days. Just to name a couple:  Tomorrow we are taking a 1-day intensive birthing class. I'm actually really excited to nerd out on all things "labor."  And next weekend, we're making the drive over to Sequim. One of Brad's cousins is getting married, and I'm really excited for the trip. Bring on the sunshine Sequim! I am ready!

Two days ago, I came across this verse:

I've been worrying a lot about baby.  How she's developing, is she facing the right way, is this thing normal, bla bla bla.  This verse really spoke to me. Also, it's something I want to keep in mind in regards to how I parent.

And lastly, cookie dough ice cream and Lindt dark chocolate bars.  Because they make the world we live in a much MUCH better place.

Hello Hue Little Things


  1. I love that verse, I hope your weekend goes better than your week :)

    I am interested to hear how the birthing class goes!

  2. having plans to look forward to gets me through LIFE, I swear! I almost HAVE to have things to look forward too, otherwise I get all bent and crabby. :)

    re: Worrying. Rhett listens to books at night and one he just finished had the best advice. This guy trained himself to "Wait to Worry." He'd start worrying and then tell himself, Wait. Wait to worry about it. He found that about 90% of the time he never went back to worrying about it!! LOL Crazy, right! I've been practicing it... it's a cool technique!

    Hope you have a great weekend mama


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