32 weeks preggo

To everyone who commented yesterday, thanks for your encouragement and kind words. They really meant a lot to me. So thank you.

I don't know if its a normal part of pregnancy or what (probably), but I've been totally riding the crazy train lately. Lots of tears, unprovoked anger/annoyance; just a good chunk of mood swings in general. So much fun in our household lately.

Also, I am definitely in full-on Nesting mode. I've never been this creative or wanting to clean as much as I have lately. I have so many fun projects in the works, but then I also see every speck of dirt on the floor. 

Sunday marked the beginning of week 32 for this pregnancy thing.  Little girl has been wiggling around a ton.  And she really loves to stretch our her legs and stick her little feet out underneath my ribs. It's kind of weird to feel the little hard spot in my belly. But it also hurts like she's going to bust through the side of my abdomen.

This week, Baby is: about 4 pounds

How far along?: 32 weeks, 2 days

Due date: March 3, 2013

Maternity clothes?  of course.

Sleep:  I've been sleeping a little better.  Which may be due to our bigger bed (no more fighting husband for space...though the blanket battle still wages).

Best moment this week: The family baby shower my aunt threw for me on Sunday.  It was nice to have a small group ladies to get together to celebrate this little girl.  Also, my aunt makes the best flourless chocolate cake. yummmmmm.

Movement:  She's a crazy wiggler. We've got a routine going on. I know when she'll be active throughout the day, and I can also wake her up and make her move if I want to. It's cool that she's so responsive. 

Food cravings: Still no cravings. My main goal is to eat healthier (meaning less processed/junk foods) and more whole foods, fruits,  and veggies.

Symptoms: Baby legs out of my side.  Ouch.  Also, having to pee like every 10 minutes.

Gender: GIRL!

Labor Signs: no

Belly Button in or out? IN. My belly button is as deep as the ocean.

Feeling toward Pregnancy: Pregnancy is getting old honestly. I would like to be able to move normally again with my hips aching. That will be nice.

What I miss: being able to move and also laying on my stomach and back. I never realized how much I lay on my belly when there isn't a baby in there.

What I am looking forward to: Getting her room all set up! It's this weekend's goal.


  1. My sister went batshit crazy with her first child. I'm not kidding. She cried all the time, tried to leave her husband (he was nothing but supportive) and was otherwise crazy. My understanding is that it's normal. I don't have kids though, so I'm really not an expert. ;-)

  2. You look great! And I can identify with the hormone rollercoaster. I have been feeling that way much more now than before. It must be a 32 weeks things :)

  3. Baby room set up is the BEST. I loved that part.

  4. You look absolutely amazing!



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