I started a post this morning that I have since thought better of publishing. A rant, if you will.

I am remembering my goal to be more grateful this year. So instead of posting something that will essentially make me re-mad about something that happened before, I will post something I'm thankful for.

I will move on and try to forgive and forget my hurt.

Today (and most days) I am thankful for my hubby. He has been nothing but encouraging throughout this pregnancy. And he somehow knows all of the right things to say when I talk about how giant I look/feel.

Left:  Month 1 (the night we found out I was pregnant)  Right:  This morning.

Over the course of our relationship he has seen me at my thinnest weight (of my adult years), and at my heaviest. He has never once said anything negative or demeaning.

And lately, I have needed his positive words more than ever. I do not feel cute pregnant.

So thank you, husband.  I am so grateful God has brought you to me. You perfectly offset my crazy, when I need you to.
a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. if it means anything, i think you are one hot pregnant woman!

    thank God for husbands who offset our crazy :)

  2. Carlee you look fantastic...for realz. I love you!

  3. Well... you might not feel cute pregnant but you sure look cute pregnant! You are almost there, too. So cut yourself some slack. Baby's gotten big, you know? And it's good to thank our husbands. Real good. ;)

  4. You are looking amazing!! You are looking super cute pregnant!


  5. honey, you DO look amazing. You really do. When I see your preggo pictures on IG I think.. well, maybe getting preggo again won't be soooo bad, I mean, Carlee is really cute. NOT A JOKE!!! ;D I'm serious. BUT, that said, I know how it feels to be big and preggo, and just big in general, and it is hard. You are almost about to get that baby out of your body though!! Savor the moments till then, they will never return. :)

    AND, my advise to you, as a mom that waited FIVE YEARS to lose the weight from the baby- Don't Wait. Seriously prioritize it and get in to shape as quickly as possible after baby is here. If/when I have another baby, I will make a written promise to myself. Cause no one should be feeling bad about themselves for years on end!

    And there's my book of a comment. ;)


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