weekend recap

Happy Monday!  ...At least, I hope you're having a happy Monday while I'm having a pity party at my desk this morning. Where do the weekends go, honestly?

On Friday after work, Brad and I traveled 20 miles north to our local Ikea and went in search of a new bed.  Since we've been married we shared the bed I had used after graduating from college...a full-sized bed. I read somewhere that for 2 adults to sleep in a full-sized bed, is like each person sleeping in a crib. That's how much room you have.  So, after 2 years of pleading (and 7+ months of pregnancy making my body expand), I was finally able to convince the hubby that we needed to upgrade to an adult bed. We purchased a new bed on Friday after work, and then it lived in the garage until Sunday morning.

On Saturday, Brad spent the entire day painting the nursery by himself. I tried to help first thing in the morning, but after about an hour of painting (with low-odor, ZERO VOC paint) I started to feel a little light-headed (most likely because I hadn't eaten breakfast yet), so I left the room. It turned out so wonderful! I had seen a picture on Pinterest of an attic nursery with bead board on the wall, and I LOVED the look of it! But since bead board is white, I chose a light green for the ceiling to keep the room bright, but also add some color.

It's not the greatest picture, but this is the general idea.

Brad spent the rest of the day Saturday painting the trim and the beadboard, which proved to be a more in-depth project than we'd thought it'd be.

On Sunday morning after church, we finally got around to put our new bed together.  After an hour and a half and a few misread assembly instructions, the bed was together.  The mattress feels a little differently than the one we tested in the store (it is much harder!), but I guess it takes a little while to break them in.

Yesterday afternoon we had our very first baby shower.  It was a small one with just family, but it was very fun.  My aunt (dad's sister) planned the whole thing and she did a great job.  We got lots of cute things for our girl, and now it actually feels more real.  In approx 8 weeks, this little person that has been rolling around in my belly and stretching her legs out of my right my side will be out in the open air and moving into our house. Into her own room. With her own set of furniture and clothes and toys.  I cannot wait!!


  1. ooh i love what i can see so far. our master is shaped the same way as your nursery and i've had the hardest time decorating it. maybe i'll get some ideas from your nursery ;)

    i am so happy you got a new bed! it is going to be awesome when you break it in.

    glad you had a great shower. 8 more weeks! so exciting!

  2. We slept on a full sized bed until about 2 years ago. Soooo nice to change to a queen. We don't really have room for a king but I'd love one! And I love the bead board!


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