39 1/2 weeks

People at work keep asking me, "When are you due?"  And I love watching their faces when I tell them I'm due on Sunday.  The women give me shocked looks and exclaim "What are you doing here!?" And the men look terrified; like the baby could just fall out of me right then.

Everyone keeps telling me that I look too small to be having a baby (hopefully) this weekend. Well, thanks, but I feel like a whale and my hips ache. There is a full-sized newborn inside of my abdomen. Please don't tell me she looks small. She does not feel it. I even had a male co-worker tell me that he gives me another month "based on the look" of me.  He doesn't know how close he came to death with that comment.

For anyone pregnant, or planning to be pregnant in the future: DO NOT work up until your due date.  Unless you work from home or something.  Because this is possibly the worst idea I've ever had.  The stress of the upcoming labor is enough to deal with. Let alone annoying co-workers panicking because you're leaving during the busy season.  Sorry.  Couldn't hold this baby in if I tried, sooo... deal with it. 

I've been wearing these Minnetonka Moccasins every day this week. I found them at TJ Maxx last Saturday and have only taken them off to sleep.  Most comfortable shoes EVER. Because if I have to deal with people's unnecessarily stressed-out, grumpy-cat faces, I may as well do it with slippers on my feet.

Tomorrow is my last day of work, and I actually feel really weird about it. My brain refuses to  understand the idea that I will not be back here Monday morning. What will I complain to Brad about as we drift off to sleep on Sunday nights? I think I'll miss work a little bit... never thought I'd say that...

Baby updates
How far along? 39 weeks, 4 days  
Baby is the size of:  a WATERMELON  
Maternity clothes?  duh.  
Stretch marks? yes... i woke up last saturday morning, and there they were. dumb.
Sleep:  crappy.
Best moment this week:  um...tomorrow?  last day of work!
Miss Anything?  sleeping normally and not having to pee in the middle of the night. 
Movement: still as wiggly as ever, though I can tell she's definitely tight on space.
Food cravings:  none.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  eating too much.  Baby's dropped and I can eat (and BREATHE!) normally again!
Gender: Girl!
Labor Signs:
increasing contractions.  come on, girl, let's do this thing!
Belly Button in or out? 
in!  and I hope it stays that way.
Wedding rings on or off?  off. :( But I found a sweet bling-y replacement at my grandma's last weekend.
Happy or Moody most of the time: happy. 
Looking forward to: Labor!  Come out little one!  We're anxious to see your face (and give you a name!)


  1. You are such a trooper working til your due date. I can only imagine how annoying your co-workers are right now, haha.

    Miss work? Impossible ;)

  2. The only fun thing about still being pregnant at 41 weeks was having people ask when I was due and telling them a week ago. You look perfect & happy last day tomorrow!

  3. You look fantastic! Enjoy your last day of work, today is mine too, and I agree - the comments are the annoying part, haha!

  4. Where are you?!?! Is she here yet?? Oh my gosh...I think she's here. :)


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