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Just over a week ago, I found this adorable Etsy shop that sells amigurumi crochet patterns called LuvlyGurumi.  They have such a cute selection of different stuffed animal patterns.  I ordered two of them.

On Friday, I started my first pattern. It didn't take too long, and he turned out really cute.

Since Brad and I have been married, bees have become our little family's symbol.

I got a bee tattooed on my wrist last fall.  A bee that Brad drew for me.  I've got a trend going that I get tattoos at times in my life that I want to remember; to symbolize important people and events.  I got this tattoo (and another one not pictured) as a symbol of our marriage. 

At some point, I referred to Brad as B; and that morphed into 'bee.' 

In the next year or so, Brad and I will try to expand our family beyond the current 3 of us (yes, I included Kitty in my count). We've already decided that little one's name will start with the letter B.  Which is why I bought the bee pattern.

It's been a family tradition on the Smith side to name the kids names that start with the letter 'B.'  Brad let me know early on in our relationship that at least one of our kids will have a 'B' name.  It will probably be just one little 'B' name.  I don't want to be left out!

This little guy is for our someday little guy.

He looked lonely at home today, so I brought him into my office.  He's helping me work.

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  1. So cute! what a motivator. Hey, when you have your fisrt girl child, you should name her "Be"atrice!


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