Last week in photos

Pictures from the last week.  On Saturday, I painted my nails alien green for Saint Patrick's Day.  It was a fairly busy day.  In the afternoon, we drove into Seattle to make an appearance at some friends' St. Patty's Day party. The 17th is also my brother-in-law's birthday, so we got together with the family for dinner that evening.  

I have a slight addiction to frozen yogurt.  We have a fro-yo shop about a mile from our house, and it's my go-to treat. Amazingly, I don't put any candy on it. Only fresh fruit. It's shocking, I know.

I finished another little animal last night.  The bear is a gift for a relative with a new baby. I kind of made him up as I went. I can see a few things I would change for next time, but I think I'm getting better at it, overall. 

Last Friday night, Brad and I went out to dinner at a place down on the waterfront.  They make great pizza there. Plus, almost everything tastes better with a view like that.

Kitty.  She was mad at me in this picture.  I had gotten up from the couch to get something, and when I came back she had stolen my spot.  When I tried to take my spot back, she protested and refused to move. So I moved her. When I sat back down she gave me this death stare.

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  1. The "death stare" comment and picture made me laugh so hard I almost hooped.


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