This weekend flew by.  Way too quickly. As they usually do.

On Friday, Brad and I went out to dinner for a little date (as we usually do on Friday nights). And then he surprised me with a movie date to see The Hunger Games.  It was awesome! He's normally not very good at surprises, and likes to tell me what the surprise is beforehand because he's so excited about whatever it is. This time I had no idea until we pulled into the parking lot at the movie theater.  He even did a good job acting like he was getting us lost! (He has trouble still finding his way around sometimes, but pretended he was trying to get us home.)  He had even bought tickets a few days before to make sure we'd get in.  Best surprise!!! The movie was great! I would see it again!

I had originally planned to spend Friday evening making cookies for Brad's grandparents who moved up from Oregon on Saturday. But since we went to the movie, and then didn't get out of the movie until after 11pm, I stayed up late making cookies. Five dozen cookies. Five dozen chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Yep. 

On Saturday morning, we headed to Puyallup bright and early to get started unloading the moving van.  Brad's maternal grandparents have lived in Canby, OR, but recently decided to move up this way to be closer to the family. 

Brad's grandpa is a cookie fanatic. Since both grandparents were anxious about the move, I thought cookies would help ease some of the stress.  Or at least give Grandpa an opportunity to stress eat.

 To go with the cookies, Brad's mom sent me to pick up pizzas for all of the hungry movers (who were family friends), and us, grand-kids. My sister-in-law went with me, and we may have over-estimated how many pizzas we'd need...  Everyone who helped move got to take a pizza home with them.

After the truck was unloaded, Brad and I stayed to help them get things more organized and put things away.  Halfway through unloading the kitchen, I snuck out to the back porch to soak up some of the rare sunshine (and warmth!) that showed up in our area.

When we'd made some pretty good progress on the house, and were dismissed, Brad and I went home and took a 2-hour nap. It was glorious.

Later that night, we went over to some friends' house for delicious homemade nachos.  It was a ton of fun!  And we've already got a few epic summer camping trips in the works for the 6 of us.  I can't wait!

On Sunday night, after a weekend full of eating junk food, I found a bunch of kale in the fridge, and decided to make some kale chips.  HOLY. AMAZING. 

I'd been meaning to make them for over a year, but felt intimidated by them.  They are so super easy to make, and the perfect snack for late night.  Instead of a bowl of chips, or popcorn, kale chips are pretty healthy, and really really tasty.  I will definitely make them again.

Despite the fact that we didn't get to relax much this weekend, it felt good to be productive.  And we got a lot of quality time in with family.

And at least someone got to have a lazy sunday...

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  1. Yum, I could go for some homemade cookies right now!

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