Two weekends ago, Brad and I went thrifting.  We're not usually big thrifters (I have the worst luck), but we were going to a Murder Mystery Dinner Party that night, and I needed a 1920s outfit.

sidenote:  The 1920s were not a friend to girl's with hips and large bosoms. Just FYI. I looked like a whale in that stupid dress.

Anyway,  while looking for a dress for me, we went to Value Village.  I always like to do a lap around the store in places like that, before going to what I'm looking for; to see if they have anything good.

I walked around the perimeter, and back toward the furniture, and that's when I saw it: a perfect, grown-up-looking, tan, microfiber couch.  It looked like it was in great shape from where I was standing. As I got closer, I noticed a few little spots on the cushions, but nothing that wouldn't come out.  I sat down; it was comfortable. 

I thought, "This has got to be expensive. It's so nice!"  And then I checked the price tag. Only $49.99!

I nearly ran out of the store to get Brad, who'd gone into another shop in the complex. I didn't, though. I waited for him to join me, and went to search the dresses...and I watched that couch, like a hawk, from across the store.

When he finally showed up, I led Brad straight over. He seemed impressed, but not overly excited.  I told him that it would be way better in the TV room than what we had, and he just kinda said, 'yeah...'  Then he said he wasn't sure, and how would we get it home.  He had planned a U-haul truck rental for the next day to move some other things, so he told me that if he had time, he would come back and see if the couch was still there.  I shrugged, and said, 'fine.'

The next day, I was scheduled to be in Seattle for the afternoon, so I tried to forget the couch.  I didn't think he'd go back to look.

When I got home from Seattle, I found Brad watching TV on our old couch in the den.  "No couch?"  I asked him.

"No, I didn't have time, and we had to clean out the truck before returning it, which took longer than I'd thought."

A few minutes later he asked me to help him move a piece of plywood in the garage.  When we got outside, he opened the garage door, and there it sat.  The new (to us) thrifted couch.

It looks great in our den!  Nice and grown up.  Much better than the old one (which is still there and means we both have a spot to lay down while we watch TV). 

Since we've moved it into the house, Kitty has been laying all over it to welcome it to its new home.

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  1. The couch really is a nice one. Soft.... :) Glad we had the truck to get it to you. Enjoy!


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