Friday Favesies

It's FINALLY friday. Was this not the longest week ever?

My friend, Ruthy, over at Discovery Street started a new weekly link-up sharing her favorite things of the week. Since I haven't done much of any work today, I figure what's one more distraction? I'm linking up!

I haven't spent too much time on the internet this week (except for googling blog buttons and things. You like the new additions?) (While you're here, feel free to grab a button to share -->)

But I do have a few favorite things from this week.

Here we go!

This e-card had me laughing.  Because it is true.  So true.
I'm in love with this little guy from Pepika shop on Etsy.  He will most certainly be my next project. ADORABLE!

And I know this is my own post, and maybe that's a little tacky. But this is by far my favorite thing that happened this week.  Coconut water anyone?

Sydney's blog, The Daybook, has me cracking up on the regular.  And she has the cutest little boy. I look forward to every single one of her posts.

I've been pretty into good podcasts lately, too.  I'm currently listening to:

The Joy the Baker podcast
The Simple Mom podcast
This American Life
and Freakonomics

If you know of any other good podcasts, please let me know!  I'm always looking for new stuff.

I've never been much of a dress-wearing girl, but lately I've been a little obsessed with finding cute summer dresses for this season.  This one is available at stichedandadorned.com and I LOVE it.  They have other great stuff in their shop, as well.

 Those are my faves this week.  Happy Weekend, all!


  1. yay!!! i'll grab a button--glad you figured it out!

  2. so great! love that dress! love your new blog buttons, too! sharesies!!


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