13 weeks

 I wore pants for the picture this time.  Next time I may even do something with my mess of hair (which I HATE right now), make the bed, and/or finish painting the bedroom.  Maybe.

So far, pregnancy is weird.  I still don't really feel pregnant. Just fat. I feel very self-conscious about my body and the way my clothes fit.  I kind of want to wear a large sign that says "I'M PREGNANT!," so that other people don't think I look fat (or if they do, they know I have a good excuse). 

It's dumb, I know.

Because I AM pregnant.  And I AM happy about it.  Despite the whining you witnessed above.


  1. yaay!!!! get maternity clothes...you'll feel so much more comfy!

  2. love me some belly pics. so excited for you!


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