New floors, old house

We're finally back in our house after a long week away.

The company we hired uses Swedish Finish which is toxic to breathe. So we had to move out of the house for a full 7 days. And the smell will linger for at least a week they said (the smell isn't toxic, just strong).

But OH MY GOODNESS! The floors look BEAUTIFUL!!

The floors are red oak and are original to the house, which was built in the 1920s. Brad and I have done a lot of customizing since moving in to make the house fit our style.  We love the old details of the house, but some stuff still needs to be modernized.

We decided to go with a dark stain on the floor, and in fear of it looking like a cave (despite all the white trim work), we sold our dark furniture. 

Here are the before pictures I took a few weeks ago...

warped wood and stains from who knows what

As you can see, they were in really bad shape (the dark spots are pet urine stains from the previous owners. Not from my Kitty. She pees where she's supposed to!).

And now.... the finished product...

I can't even believe these are the same floors!!  The majority of the stains sanded out, and the ones that didn't the stain covers beautifully!  They also did a great job of patching in new boards where old heat registers used to be.

Now we're afraid to wear our shoes in the house for fear of scratching them up.

The downside of these gorgeous things... They make everything else in our house look like junk.


  1. oh my Carlee, it looks beautiful! I want to put on socks and slide all over those floors :)

  2. Carlee, the floors look amazing! And I kind of want to slide around in my socks too!

  3. SO amazing!! The floors look beautiful :)

  4. Nice work you two! It's amazing refinishing a floor.... just underneath an 1/8" of years of abuse, there is a beautiful floor waiting to be revealed. Looks really good!


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