Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the week long break!  That was unintentional, and I promise to (try to) not do it again.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving Holiday? I hope it was full of food, food, and more food. And maybe some family and friends thrown in for good measure.

Brad and I had our "smaller" Thanksgiving this year. Which just means we were with our immediate families on the Eastside of the Puget Sound. (The "larger" Holidays include Brad's 5 aunts, their husbands and his 26 (or something like that) first cousins and their spouses and kids.  That's a lot of people.)

When I say smaller, I by no means, mean "small" in a bad way. Or really in a size way... There were 17 of us at my parents' house. One thing I love about my in-laws is that they're totally willing to join us for get-togethers with my family. It's really nice to not have to split the Holidays.

There was a ton of food, lots of baby attention (on my belly), and only 1 sister missing...'cause she's lame and stayed at school to watch some dumb football game.

Happy Late Thanksgiving All!

This weekend, I spent some time prepping our living room for Christmas. I am so pumped about it this year! And then this next weekend we finally get new living room furniture! I can't wait to have a whole cozy house again.


  1. can't wait to see your place! yes...we need to get together soon...this weekend?

  2. ooo new furniture, so exciting! I am glad ya'll had a nice Thanksgiving. disney world was crowded, ugh but it turned out to be a nice holiday.


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