Friday Favesies

Today I'm linking up with Ruthy at Discovery Street for Friday Favesies.

First, I have to mention Kate. She's been doing an amazing series on her blog called "Wicked Wife."  If you follow me on Facebook, you've definitely seen my posts on this recently.  Kate's husband and my husband grew up in youth group together, and reconnected at a BBQ last summer; which is where I also met Kate.  They're a rad couple. And I completely admire her insightful writings and willingness to share her story with such vulnerability.

Next, the sunshine.  It has been sunny here for a few weeks straight (minus one cloudy day this week.  But no rain!). I can't believe it's almost September.  Please, summer, stick around a little while longer! You just got here!!

This little bug:
While you're making me look horrible in a swimsuit this month, little baby, I am so that happy you're in there.  Now stay in there till I tell you it's OK to come out!

I haven't been doing much cooking lately (still makes me want to barf a little bit), but I am loving this website:  Skinnytaste.com  Blogger Gina remixes all kinds of classic recipes making them healthier options for your family.  And they're all super easy to make! And a bonus, there are TONS of dessert options!  Like today's Guiltless Banana Split in a jar

Last, we're still waiting to hear from the bank about the house.  But that hasn't kept me from planning and day dreaming our life there. I'm already seeing sunny day's spent on the back deck with our little one and a few good friends.  I can't wait!


  1. What an awesome website! I am definitely going to have to check out Skinny Taste :D
    Stopping by from Friday Favesies ♥

  2. So happy about the baby!!! YAY!!!


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