The house! - photo from listing
 We're still waiting to hear back from the bank about our [potential] new house.

We had the inspection done last Friday, and then on Monday we took Brad's parents over to see it.  It's been nice to be able to go in it so much.  Helps with my mental decorating plans.

My mom said it could be a few more weeks before we hear anything.  But she said there's no reason they shouldn't accept our offer because they'd approved a lower one before (those people walked away).

I feel like everything is a waiting game right now.  We're waiting to hear back on the house, which means I'm waiting to start planning/decorating the nursery, waiting to get our current house ready to rent out, waiting for my next doctor's appointment, waiting for this baby bump to grow to a recognizable size, waiting to feel baby move, waiting for baby to come (and totally rock our world!!).  Waiting, waiting, waiting.

All of it is exciting.  But as I've mentioned before;  I'm impatient.

I took my first baby bump photo last night, but I wasn't wearing pants.  So I can't show you guys.  Sorry.  Didn't think that one through.

I'm definitely starting to show a little bit, though.  A little tiny bit.

Next time I take a picture I'll wear pants so you can see it.


  1. lol...i love you carlee...of course you'd take a pic without pants. you're awesome.


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