Living Room

still empty room and Kitty is not happy about it.

Last Saturday, Brad and I went on a mission to find new couches for our living room.   We left the house at 10am, and didn't return until after 7pm.  And we returned empty handed. There was nothing we liked enough in our price range. The things I would've settled for he didn't want, and vice versa.

As a pregnant woman, waking up day after day seeing my living room unfinished will eventually be my undoing.  So on Monday morning, I threw a fit big enough to cause my husband to react, and he promised that Monday night we'd go buy furniture.

Note:  Normally, I'm not a fit-thrower, in the traditional sense.  I'm a "persuader" but Monday it was definitely a fit...tears and all.  Not exactly my finest moment.

Monday night after work, we went down to a furniture warehouse store and found a sectional we really like.  We didn't think we were sectional people, but they're so practical! I lay on this chaise end, you lay on the couch side and we both have enough room to read/nap and not touch! And the cat can be in the middle. And there's slightly more visitor seating than your traditional couch and loveseat set up. Amazing!

The one hitch... they didn't have the color we want in stock. So we had to order it...and wait another 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.  bah.

And yet we did it.  It was like we were real grown up people ordering our first brand new, out-of-the-box, with tags and everything, and no one else's butt has ever touched it, couch!

Once the couch arrives, the living room will be complete. No more renovations in that room ever. EV.ER. (except maybe a paint touch up on the fireplace.)

Here's a progression of the room, from when I bought the house to now...



in progress
with built-ins
before floors
All done!

 Oh...we may end up painting the walls again, too, I suppose.  I think the baby needs a brighter living room...

Follow up note:  The windows and bookshelves on either side of the fireplace were original features of our 1920s home (you can tell in the "demolished" photo, where the old window frames are visible. There was also patch work done to the hardwoods underneath the windows where the bookshelves would've been).  Over the course of 80-or-so years someone had taken them out (I can never tell why anyone would dream of doing such a thing). All work we did  was to restore the original character of the room.


  1. Wow!! The progress is amazing!! Love your floors!!

    1. Thanks! :) The whole thing has been 3 years in the making, but I'm so glad to be finished with all the big stuff!

  2. I love the floors and the windows and the paint... I love it all! Great style! You did an amazing job!


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