27 1/2 weeks

Someday, I'll post one of these on the actual week (instead of half-way through).   But by the time "someday" rolls around, Ashtyn may be born.  So that's a pretty weak promise I just made you.

This week, Baby is: almost 3 pounds and putting on weight!
How far along?: 27 weeks 5 days
Due date: March 3, 2013
Maternity clothes?  definitely. Though, the maternity jeans are too heavy for that stretchy belly panel to hold up, and they're constantly sliding down.
Sleep:  Woke up last night with my first horrible leg cramp. Joy.
Best moment this week: this picture I got yesterday in a text from my dad.  Baby girl's got her own little stocking at his house already.  ::tear::
Movement:  She's showing the "best" of both of her parents' personalities.  Likes to lay on one side one day, and face the other the next (like her mom. Slow roller). But while laying on her side, is dancing the night away and "karate chopping my @$$." (freakin' crazy antsy like her father. Also there's a story behind that karate chop quote. I'll tell you sometime.) 
Food cravings: still none.  except maybe baked goods? Or just baking? both.
Symptoms: leg cramps. boo. and round ligament pain.
Gender: GIRL!
Labor Signs: none yet
Belly Button in or out? In. Pretty sure it will not pop out.
Feeling toward Pregnancy: I like pregnancy, but I'm getting excited for the day my body is my own again, truthfully.
What I miss: being able to move! i'm so stiff and slow lately.
What I am looking forward to: We are stoked to meet this girl.
Milestones: Apparently, if she were born now, she's got a good chance of survival...though we would much prefer she cook a little longer.


  1. That stocking! Gah! I die! Adorable!

    There's a good chance baby girl will share a birthday with my sister, my mom or my brother. Sis was born 3/2 and my mom and bro were born 3/8 (yes, can you imagine delivering a child on your birthday?!?!) Great time to be born according to my family!

  2. grr, leg cramps! HATE the leg cramps! Mine seem to be worse when I'm dehydrated but who knows...


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