You guys. Motherhood is crazy. Crazy awesome!

I never thought I'd get so much joy out of watching another person learn basic things.

'Is she looking at that thing? She's totally looking at it! She didn't do that yesterday! She can see! She's a genius!!'

Everything she does makes her a genius. She's super good at being a baby.

My girl is not a napper. I didn't know it was possible for a baby of less than 2 months to dislike naps. But I've got one. She sleeps great at night. But during the day I have 30 minutes tops to get stuff done around the house (or nap myself) while she takes her short snooze. If I want her to sleep longer than that (which I do because her brain needs it) she has to sleep on me.

Needless to say not much gets done. And that is my excuse for being absent from here lately. It's hard to type with a baby in your arms.

I am pretty in love with this new life of mine. And of course this little person. She is the sweetest, cutest, smartest person I've ever met (probably gets that from her dad).


  1. I've been trying to perfect my one-handed typing skills for that very reason ;)

    I am glad to hear you are loving mommyhood!

  2. Can't wait to meet the totally amazing little Ms. Ellie!


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