Sleep...and lack thereof

My little bean is 2 months, 1 week old.

She likes... eating, cooing, and smiling at people so they melt over her.

She hates... SLEEPING.

...And it's driving this mama crazy!

She sleeps GREAT at night. I put her down between 7:30 and 8:30 and she sleeps through till 3 or 4 am when she wakes up to eat, and then goes back down until 7. (I probably shouldn't be complaining at all.)

But for some reason during the day, she rarely sleeps more than 30 minutes at a time.  I can't get anything done, and I get pretty much zero time to myself.

It is challenging.

I've tried the swing, a vibrating cradle seat, her car seat, the pack n' play, her crib, her regular cradle, even letting her sleep in my arms and nothing seems to work. The only times she'll take a longer nap is when she isn't feeling well, we're driving somewhere far, or she's so overstimulated that she just passes out.

She's a very mellow baby, and isn't fussy or upset during her non-stop awake times, but I'm starting to worry that she's missing out on some critical developmental rest times. I'm almost ready to call the pediatrician to make sure she's not doing damage to herself by staying awake!

Anyone else have a little one who won't nap?  What'd you do to fix it?


  1. She is a great sleeper at night! But I know what you mean, the daytime naps are so nice to get a little break and get things done.

    I don't really have any suggestions that you haven't tried. Our guy's naps are very hit or miss. What works for me is to help him get through the sleep transition at the 45 minute mark, so I usually end up picking him back up and rocking him back to sleep. Sometimes that works, and other times it doesn't.

    I hope you can figure something out! :)

  2. So even though she gets a good amount of sleep at night it still isn't enough ? I had no idea that babies need more or it causes damage?

    She is adorable!


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