This week, I have a birthday.

On Wednesday to be exact.

And to be even more exact, I turn 30.  The big THREE. ZERO. 

I always thought I'd be more nervous about turning 30, but other than recognizing that it sounds like a big number, I haven't really thought too much about it.

I have, however, thought about the gift I would like, and I informed my husband on several occasions (read: everyday) over the last few months.

Since Friday, Brad has been working on a "project" in the garage. 

Yesterday, he came in while I was nursing the baby, said my present was ready, and when do I want it.  I told him I wanted it on my birthday, and he asked if I was sure.

He's not great at surprises.  He gets excited and wants to tell me.

He said he wanted to give it to me right then, and I told him that whenever he wanted to give my gift to me, he could. So he ran out to the garage, and brought this back to me:


Of course, this is what I've been not-so-subtly hinting at to Brad. I have been wanting one of these for years.  It's been on my Christmas list since we've been married. And about a month ago, I was pissed because my sister found one at my Grandma's when we were cleaning out her house, and she got to keep it...  Finder's keepers. boo.

I think the best part about my birthday kitchen aid....it was $60 on Craigslist.  That's almost better than a free one from Grandma!  ...almost. 

I christened it earlier today, by making pan chocolate chip cookies. As the machine creamed the butter and sugars together, I turned to Elliott, who was sitting in her rocker on the floor and exclaimed, "it's lazy baking!"  She gave me a big gummy smile and coo'd.  She's excited about it, too.

My life is forever changed with the introduction of the stand mixer.

I'm already planning to bake myself a birthday cake on Wednesday. Mainly because I just want to bake.  But also, because, cake.

I'm gonna get so fat.


  1. Haha that's awesome!

    Such a great gift! I've been wanting one for, forever!!

    Enjoy (duh!) happy (early) birthday! Welcome to the 30s club. It's real elite and all :)

  2. Ooh, i'm so jealous! And $60 on Craigslist? What a steal! I can't believe it's almost your big 3-0. I need to see you guys.

  3. What a great gift! Happy birthday!

  4. Your mother and I talked about who scored the Kitchen Aid, after the fact. It was my gift to grandma Faye for Christmas or her Birthday one year. She wanted it to mix the giant cookies she used to make. But apparently, she never used it? So pleased to see that your super hero husband Brad, got the hint, and came to the rescue!;-)


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