A couple weeks ago, my friend Ruthy had a giveaway on her blog to win a custom birth print from Jessica's Etsy shop Baby In The Rain.

I entered the giveaway but didn't think I'd actually win so I went ahead and ordered a print myself. 

A few days later, after I'd been in communication with Jessica about my print, I got an email from Ruthy saying I'd won the giveaway!

What are the odds!?

Our print arrived earlier this week and we love it!

I'd forgotten to mention anything about it to brad.  So when he came home to find it hanging on the door to Elliott's room he was surprised. We'd had a sticky sign on her door that had once said 'baby' but the letters were slowly falling off the door. We'd gotten down to just 'by.'

Needless to say, the print looks much better. 

What do you think?


Thanks for following along with me! I love your encouragement and feedback!