She & Me #1

She in her superhero cape aka poncho, me in my PJs

I've seen a lot of bloggers participating in the "blog every day in May" challenge this month, and while I haven't been able to participate, it has inspired me to blog more. I want to make it my goal to visit this space at least 3 times a week for the month of June.

In an effort to accomplish that goal, I've decided to start my first blog series, entitled 'She & Me'  and it'll be a few highlights from the last week with Elliott & I.

So here we go!


  • Is lifting herself up on her hands!
  • ...and rolling over!  Tummy time is not the worst anymore...because she now has the power to change it.  
  • Received the most adorable yellow poncho in the mail from our cousin, Dorrie, last week. It looks so cute on her!
  • She giggles!  Brad's gotten the first true chuckles that we've heard so far, but I got a couple half-laughs out of her this morning.
  • She's sleeping [mostly] through the night. 6 out of the last 7 nights, she's only woken up at 5am to eat, and then goes back to bed until 8. Woohoo!
  • She gets cuter by the day. If that's possible.

  • I've used my Kitchen Aid to bake 4 times in the last 7 days. Again, I'm gonna get so fat... Well, WE are.  Brad eats my baked goods, too.
  • I'm making it a goal this week to go for a 30-minute walk everyday. If this week works, I hope to expand to the entire month of June. Gotta make up for all of the baked goods.
  • I'm addicted to cookbooks (even though I usually find my recipes online).  I'll find any excuse to buy one...like a new stand mixer.
  • I started sleep-training the Little Miss this weekend.  I didn't realize how fatigued I'd been until she was asleep in her bed, upstairs, in the middle of the day.  The house was quiet and I actually got some time to myself. Naps in her crib are the best thing ever! 


  1. Wow, rolling over already? Good for her! She is super cute in that poncho!


Thanks for following along with me! I love your encouragement and feedback!