Kitty Love

The night before Ellie arrived...she had no idea how our lives were about to change.

I'm currently sitting on my couch, in the dark, sipping a Skinny Girl margarita, and watching chopped.

My old-lady cat is trying her hardest to wedge herself between me and the laptop, desperate for an ounce of affection.

Since Elliott arrived, poor Kitty hasn't gotten much love. At first, she was trying to walk on the baby to get to me; then she was attempting to climb on my chest putting all of her cat weight on my sore, new-to-breastfeeding boobies or following me back to bed in the middle of the night after I'd finished E's 2am feeding purring in my face and keeping me awake; now she's just trying to scrape up any millisecond of time she can get us to pet her.

I feel bad for the old girl.

Now that Ellie has an official bedtime that's before my own, and has been going down for regular naps during the day (not long naps, but we're making progress! woohoo!), I hope to spend a little more time cuddling my first "baby."

...I just have to ignore her licking my face (gross) and shedding all over the place...

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  1. Gus has gotten so aggressive to try and get me to pet him. :(


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