She & me


It's national donut day. So I ate 2. I'm doing really well at losing these preggo pounds. Except not really. 

I feel guilty when leaving E with anyone else now. I'm not sure why. She doesn't notice I'm gone yet. 

That walking goal I set last week. Total fail. It was rainy out so after that first walk, I found reasons to drive everywhere or not leave the house at all. 

I'm way behind on my bloglovin feed. Ever since E was born I find myself lacking in time to read anything. So sad. 

Looks adorable in a romper! I want to buy a ton more for her to wear. 

Is not sleeping great this week. Starting on Monday, it's been near 80-degrees here in western WA. It was pretty warm in her room so naps weren't great. And then she started getting up every few hours again. Boo. 

Has had 3 major meltdowns this week. All the fault of missed or too short nap times. Apparently we're still learning how to keep her from getting overtired...

She is currently napping on me for going on 2 hours now to make sure we don't mess up the rest of her day & night. 

Lastly, she'll be 3 months old in just a few days. I can't believe how quickly time is going by!


  1. Don't feel guilty about not visiting blogs. I'm pretty sure everyone understands. Besides, E is adorable & looks great in rompers so of course you want to spend time with her!

  2. Those donuts look delicious!

    She is adorable - I can see why it is hard to leave her! :)


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