Baby prep begins

Last Saturday, when the reality of our decision had really sunk in, I woke up with a mission.

I'd had every intention of sleeping in and taking it slow Saturday morning when Brad texted me from downstairs (?!) that he was going for a bike ride at 7:30AM.  And then I was wide awake.  So much for sleeping in.

I sat up and looked around our bedroom. It was a mess. When we'd decided to move, we got lazy and let the cleaning fall to the wayside. Also, the bedroom was my fault.  We have tiny closets in our house, so Brad keeps his clothes in the guestroom.  While I throw mine all over our bedroom, and then climb over stuff to get in and out of bed everyday.

At 8am, Saturday morning, I cleaned out my closet. Emptied it of all of its contents.  Made a donations box and pitched everything I hadn't worn in 6 months, as well as old shoes that didn't fit, costume shoes, purses (I had way too many purses. I think I have a problem.), scarves, and anything else that didn't appeal to me anymore but was still in good shape.  Then I did the same thing with my dresser.

When Brad came home the room was an even bigger disaster than when he'd left. I looked at him, smiled and said, "This is how I clean.  I make a mess first."

While I was cleaning our room, Brad got inspired and went into the future nursery.  He was in there for a while before I realized what was happening.  He had emptied it of everything.  EVERY. THING.  We'd been using the room as a junk room of sorts.  It had no real purpose except to house all the items that didn't have another home. Basically stuff we never use or use once in a blue moon.

We took a very large load of furniture and clothing items to the Goodwill that afternoon.

Now that the room is empty, Brad will be tearing down the walls (which are this weird cardboard composite material, thanks 1970s), putting insulation in the ceiling (thanks 1920s for building houses with no insulation), and then drywalling the whole space before we paint and set up baby's furniture.

Here are the before pictures of the room.  I can't wait to get started on the decorating!


  1. Hay! So excited to see the progress! I sorted through stuff in our nursery on Sunday but it hasn't made it to goodwill yet. :)

  2. So fun! Just found your blog randomly, now following via GFC :) love the bookcase in this room!



    1. Thanks for your comment! And GFC follow. you're awesome!

  3. reading this blog makes me want to go into my closet and rid of the unused clutter of clothes. that looks like a great nursery room, can't wait to see the results!


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