Picture of a picture

My Mother-in-Law loves being a Grandma.  Like, she LOOOOOOOVES it.

A month or so ago, she bought us a Groupon to have portraits done at JCP Studios.  She wanted nice pictures of her grand baby!  And while I would consider myself to be a fairly competent iPhone photographer, my photos don't always look professional

At first, we were a little skeptical of having pictures done at a studio. It's definitely not the latest fashion in photography to go sit on a white sheet and try to make the baby smile. We were a little worried they would come out worthy of the website Awkward Family Photos.

Fortunately, they turned out great! I'm sure it helps that we have the world's most photogenic infant. 

Also, for the last few weeks, Brad's uncle (MIL's brother) and his wife have been visiting from Wisconsin. So before they head home next week, we did an extended family photo shoot at a local park. 

My sister's boyfriend, Tracy, who is very skilled street photographer, was gracious enough to be our family photographer for the very reasonable price of a tuna fish sandwich.

We got some great shots.  


  1. Okay, the rose sniffing photo is hilarious. But the rest are really sweet and wonderful, especially that last one. Congrats on having the world's most photogenic baby!

  2. She really is so photogenic! Beautiful pictures!

  3. These came out great! Ellie is such a beautiful girl!


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