Our block

This is my house. It is located on a corner. The block to the right of our house (when facing the front door), is kinda shady. Lots of rental properties.  

When we moved in, the block that the house faces was decent.  All of the homes had nice families, with the exception of the house directly across the street that housed a few college girls.  They were nice, though they didn't keep up with the yard. 

In the last year, the college girls moved away, and the house next to them went into foreclosure.  And then the house next to us went into foreclosure.  And now there are 3 houses on our street that are empty  with only 3 left occupied. We are lonely on our corner. 

Last night, I had to call the cops on a squatter who had taken up residence next door.  And now I have this crazy paranoia that they're going to come after me and steal my baby.  (Mom fears are weird.)

We're really hoping that the foreclosed houses go on the market soon, and that some nice families move in.  And I've been wanting to find a way to get in touch with the person that owns the rental across the street (except I've only met her once, and we didn't exchange names). 

We had originally planned to look into moving this time next year. But the way the neighborhood is going, we may have to consider it sooner...


  1. Well, boo. That sucks. I cant help you find the contact for that property owner. Email me and I'll show you how!

  2. Thanks, Lindsy! Actually, right after I posted this, I looked the house up on zillow and was able to find county information through there with the owners' name and address.

  3. That's kind of scary! I don't blame you for being weary of your new situation. I hope the squatter is gone for good!


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