When Brad and I first started hanging out together, we got really into dressing up for Halloween (or, really, any themed party). I actually failed this year at a costume.  I meant to dress up so that my costume would go along with Elliott's, but I ran out of time and money.

However,  Brad picked up the slack for me, and dressed to match our daughter.

Here's our little flower with her farmer (though he looks more like a cowboy.  Cowboys can grow flowers, right?)

Ellie's a bit young for trick or treating.  But Tacoma's Proctor Business District puts on a Halloween Event every year for the young  kiddos. My mom's office happens to be smack dab in the middle of the block, so, of course we had to pay Grandma a visit.

We met up with a couple of Ellie's homies. They all looked super cute! Babies in costumes have to be the best thing ever.
photo by: my mom

I found Ellie's costume at a local 2nd hand shop, and I was pleasantly surprised...I didn't see another flower all evening!

Though, even if there was another flower, I'm sure mine would have been the cutest.


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