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After three (or more, probably) failed attempts at blogging, I've decided to give it one last shot.  If I can't commit this time, there's no hope of my ever turning into a real life, honest-to-goodness, lady blogger. Time to give it the good ole college try! For realsies.

With just over 12 hours left in 2009, I think now would be a good time to make some 2010 goals for myself. I like goals. They give me something to do. Or at least something to think about doing.

Number 1) Learn something.  I graduated from college in 2005. Since then any information that has entered my brain has only taken up temporary residency. After a few months, it gives its 20 day notice, packs up, and moves out.  I need to find something interesting. Interesting information tends to stick. Maybe a foreign language, some advanced (or not so advanced) internet design, dance, yoga, anything really. Something to make my life a little less boring.

2) Eat better. Cake (and candy and all other things not good for my body (especially the bits of body around the middle, e.g. love-handles), I love you, of course, but I think we need to take some time apart. Our relationship has become a bit unhealthy, and I think it'd be in my best interest to spend more time with my other friends, fruits and vegetables. I'm sure you understand.

3) Sing more.  It's my favorite pastime, but I mainly only do it in the car. In college I stopped singing so much.  Roommates don't tend to like it when you burst into song when they're trying to sleep. So while my life has continued to have a soundtrack, the only one to experience it has been me.

4) Travel. I never go anywhere. I guess the goal before this should be: apply for a passport.  But I'll make it all inclusive.  I haven't been out of the country in over 6 years, and that was just to Canada.And  I can't even go there anymore without a passport!

5) Make a budget and stick to it.  I've actually already made a budget.  I even waste time tweaking it when work is slow, but I have yet to keep track of where my money goes. All I know is that in the last 6 weeks I've spent the equivalent of 4 months worth of paychecks.... yeah... too much. I could've been SAVING. I SHOULD'VE been saving!

6) Finish a complete round of P90X... and then keep going. I did 4 weeks last spring, and they really made a difference! If I could finish the entire 90-day program, maybe I actually WOULD look like Halle Berry. Now if I can just make it all the way through without skipping one day of workouts to nap.

...I like naps...

7) Learn to cook. I know that this technically falls under the fist goal, but cooking, in my mind, is a beast all its own. I love to eat.  So it's imperative that I learn how to make my self good, HEALTHY, meals. That way I can stop wanting to spend my money at restaurants...specifically hamburger restaurants.

Seven's a good number, right?  Well, it's good enough for me!

I smell pizza. Time for lunch.  ...uh..."healthy" lunch, of course...

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