Weddings and Workouts

Oh, hey. It's me. I didn't forget about you.

Things have been quite busy lately. Brad and I are the most popular newly-engaged couple ever to walk the planet... Maybe not exactly, but we have had abnormally busy social calendars lately. Every night this week it's been something. Lots of dinners out and happy hours. Tonight is my first night this week, where I can go home and do what I need to do...workout and go to the grocery store. What fun.

Wedding planning is well underway. We have a place, a bridal party, a photographer, a cake, and a harpist. The cake maker and harpist are relatives. Relatives = FREE (or close to it), which is perfect for us, since we're on a fairly petite budget. The next items on my to-do list are the dress (the fun part!) and the caterer (the most expensive part...). Oh, also, we need to go cake tasting so that I can tell my cousin what kind of cake we want and what we want it to look like. I've had lots of extra time at work today, so I've started some research on catering. Brad's cousins said they had an idea to keep costs low, so he just needs to call them and find out what that is.

I also need to work on the small tasks like applying for a passport and going to the lady doctor to get myself on the pill. We do not want babies making themselves on the honeymoon (TMI?).

Next weekend we're having our engagement photos done. I'm really excited! :) (I might even make myself an appointment at the MAC counter at Nordstrom so I look all pretty-fied.) Our friend, Michelle, has offered to do them for us. She was already booked for our wedding day :( so unfortunately she won't be able to shoot the Day of, but I'm excited to hang out with her and her hubby next weekend! (We were at their family cabin when we got engaged!) I'm also excited to get the photos done so we can get the save-the-date announcements sent.

A few weeks ago, Brad and I made the joint decision to get our booties in shape. We've been getting at 4:45 every morning to work out before going to work for the day. While it sounds pretty nasty, it hasn't been that hard to get up (except for this morning. I slept in). I feel more awake at 5am than I do at 7. We've been doing the p90x program (you know, the infomercials that play at 2am). It promises to leave you ripped at the end of 90 days. We're almost at Day 30, and I feel like I've gotten fatter. However, I did not take any "before" pictures, so I really couldn't tell you if that's true or not. I don't think I've done the best job of sticking to the diet, but I haven't been eating candy and french fries for every meal either. I've been sticking to the lean meats and lots of veggies, but I'm still eating my fair share of carbs (complex carbs! the good kind!). The first phase of the diet is meant to lean you out fairly quickly by eating less carbs/fats and more protein. It's hard. But I've noticed a change in Brad, even though he says he feels fatter, too, so I'm hoping the same is true for me. Thankfully, if we don't look exactly the way we want to in 90 days, we'll still have another 75 until wedding day.

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  1. have you tried p90x yoga? it is my utmost favorite, though i could only complete about the first hour.


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