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This really wasn't meant to be a wedding blog, but since that is the biggest thing going on in my life right now then that's what this will be. For a while anyway. Along with whatever else is happening, of course.

So first the wedding stuff...

Brad and I need to make lists of all of the things still left to do. The more we talk about it without having a checklist, the more I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things still left to do. Ugh.

We're currently on the hunt for caterers. Fun fun. Actually, it's not un-fun, but it's the most expensive thing. I've spoken to a place in Graham; a small family-owned restaurant, and they've invited us in to come taste the food for free and to talk to us about what it is we're looking for. Free date night! No way we're saying no to that. Unfortunately we won't be able to get out there until a week from Saturday. Every weekend is jammed pack full of stuff.

This coming weekend we're having our engagement photos done. I'm very excited. Michelle Bartholomew is our photographer for the day, so we'll get to hang out with her and Murray all afternoon. Should be a good time! We're planning to shoot at Gasworks park, so hopefully it's not too rainy and gross out. If it is, we'll take our umbrellas and make due! What's a Northwest wedding without a little rain in the mix? Hopefully rain on engagement photo day means NO rain on wedding day!

On Sunday, the mommies and Andrea are going with me to go on a wedding dress hunt! I made an appointment at a bridal shop up the street from my house, and from the looks of their website they have quite a few lovely dresses for good prices. I've picked out a few styles I like (from their website), so hopefully they won't look crappy on me. I'm still pretty early on in the p90x workout regime to know how a dress will fit when I'm done, but that's OK.

Speaking of p90x, this week is a break week. Only for me though, because I injured myself. Yup. I'm that awesome. Or not. Monday was push-up/pull-up day, and somehow, at the very end of my workout, I wrenched my neck. It didn't hurt too bad at the time, but as the day went on, it started to be really painful. I already had a chiropractor appointment scheduled for that afternoon, so I made sure to be on time for that. The doctor said I'd done quite a number on it, and that it looks like I was in a car accident! It was swollen, and very stiff. He told me no more workouts for at least this week (!! Brad's gonna get way ahead of me! boo!), to ice it a lot, and to take it very easy. He also said that Tuesday was probably going to be a very painful day. He was right. I woke up and couldn't move, so I stayed home from work, and spent the whole day in my bed watching HGTV. I've been nursing it pretty good, so it's not too painful, just inconvenient. The doctor said that if I don't take good care of it, it could take up to two weeks to heal! I can't skip 2 weeks of workouts or I won't want to start again.

Brad and I both got our taxes done this week, and got quite a good lump of cash back to put towards wedding (HONEYMOON!) expenses. We're still holding out for a good Dreamtrip to be posted for the week after our wedding. They haven't posted a whole lot of trips for July yet, but my mom says that as the month gets closer they'll post more and more. So now I just need to save up my vacation days to make sure I can take all the time off of work. We're hoping for an all-inclusive Mexico trip.

I applied for my passport today. My very first one! The big post office in downtown Seattle is just across the street from my work, so I took an early lunch break and went over to get it done. Brad was thinking it was going to take a few months to process, but the lady at the Post Office said that it normally takes 4-6 weeks, but they've been even quicker about it this week, so I should have it before the end of the month! Then I can drive back and forth across the Canadian border as many times as I want! I'm probably a tad over-excited about this, but I don't care. It's my first passport!

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