Falling Apart

In my ripe old age of 26 (and 9+ months), I have recently begun to feel that my body is failing me.

First, on Monday, I sprain a neck muscle while working out. I was not working out my neck, mind you, but doing a routine that focuses on chest and back muscles. How I pulled my neck, I'm not sure. But it hurt. And the doctor told me not to exercise again until it healed so as not to risk further injury. I can already feel the progress I made melting away...or re-squishifying, if you will.

Also on Monday, my right eyelid started to twitch. It's not a new experience, but it's an annoying one. On Tuesday, I stayed home from work to rest my neck, and I took note of the eye twitches disappearance. But upon my return to work on Wednesday, the twitch returned with a vengeance. Today it is still continuing. It makes me want to punch my own face.

This morning I got my teeth cleaned. It was the first in far too long. And I discovered something. I hate getting my teeth cleaned. It hurts. The hygienist had blood on her gloves. I think that says enough to convey the discomfort I felt...feel. My mouth still hurts. But, on the upside, my teeth do feel nice and clean. Thank goodness I only have to do that twice a year. And I'm hoping next time won't be as bad because they'll be less time in between visits.

In other news, I've decided I need a new hobby. Today, I purchased a cross-stitching kit from a seller on Etsy.com. I'm kind of excited. The pattern is cute, and they'll make lovely decorations for my newly finished living room built-in bookshelf (now I have TWO!). I also need mantel decorations, so I should definitely be more crafty (...craftier?).

I'd also like to make a lavender wreath for my front door. It looks naked right now. I can feel the creative juices beginning to flow.

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