Day 2

Today is Day 2 of getting up at 5am and working out. It's not terrible...

I haven't been TOO tired (probably because of the quick nap I catch in the car on the way to work while Brad drives...and the dozing on the train ride home...). I've been drinking lots of water, and staying on top of the accompanying diet. The first phase of the diet consists mainly of proteins. It's for cutting down on the current body fat. Which is fine except that I practically live on carbs normally. For the last two days I've been craving toast, tortilla chips, muffins, rice, potatoes, popcorn, anything that would fit under the carb category. I can have carbs, but just one serving a day. I can't wait until phase 2 (in 3 weeks...) when I can add more bread and popcorn into my snack options. mmm...

The workouts are pretty intense. Brad and I are both having trouble moving our upper bodies today. And tomorrow we'll add legs to the list of complaints (today was what they call "jump training"). Tomorrow's workout is more upper body weight training and abs again. Ugh.

Anyway, that's enough of that. Workout talk is boring.

Brad and I are finally getting started on the actual planning of the wedding. This week's goal is to choose a few venue options to show my parents. Last night we did some research on places in the South Sound, and it looks like there are quite a few cute options. One place in particular, looks pretty amazing, and the price is reasonable and includes everything we would need (minus the caterer). They didn't have the date we wanted available, but there were a few other days that could work as options. I want to try to take a look this weekend.

With the 5am wakeups and the evenings doing wedding planning, I can see myself becoming very tearful fairly quickly...and not in a good way...

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