Halle Berry

This morning, on the way into work, I decided to stop in Starbucks for my double-shot w/whip mocha.

I like Starbucks. The drinks always taste the same.

So I order like a normal person, and go stand over by the button-pushing barista to wait for my hot and tasty beverage.

I'm standing quietly and pretend to look interested in the discount "out-of-season" mugs on display, when the lady barista says (very loudly, in an almost yell) "It must be hard walking around looking like Halle Berry!" I turn, and she's looking right at me.

I smiled and stuttered, 'uh...i guess. ha.' (That 'ha' was a very dorky guffaw that sounded more like HUH!!')

That response of mine perfectly displays my lack of grace at accepting compliments. And my knack to be awkward in most situations that involve interacting with strangers.

Me = NERD.

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