I’ve been engaged for 1 week and 10 hours. I’m already going crazy. Weddings on a tight (or non-existent, even) budget can drive a person batty.

I just need two things to be happy. 1) A place. And 2) a date. After that, I can work on all of the other things. Like save-the-dates, and invitations. Both of which will cost us little money (thanks to artistic, graphic designing future-in-laws).

Last night I had a bit of a meltdown. After talking to my parents who are all “we’ll have money, but we don’t know when,” my blood pressure was slightly higher, but no tears were shed. Then they told me not to worry and everything will work out. I only have 5 months here, people. FIVE. Most people do this in 12. I have less than half of that amount of time. Then I get home, and talk to Brad and he tells me to calm down, everything will be fine. I fell apart.

Everyone, stop telling me I’m panicking and freaking out. You haven’t SEEN panicking and freaking out, but if you keep saying that to me you will! You’ll see it. In a big way!

Tears were shed. Incoherent mumblings were present.

I’m not crazy. But I feel like I may be headed in that direction.

I just want to check one little thing off of my massive to-do list. Just one thing. Why can’t I have that?

I’m not crazy.

I’ve just come down with a slight case of pre-wedding insane-isitis.

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