Random updates...

1) We're still alive! Though, ironically, Brad's Nukalert (radiation detector) starting clicking like crazy this morning. But mine held steady.  I ignored his, as there don't seem to be any nuclear bombs that have gone off or any power plant leaks near us.

2) Our new couch is here!!!!  And it looks ginormous in our living room.  It's not actually as close to the bookshelf as it looks in the picture. There's a good 12 inches of clearance. But because it's a sectional it looks much larger than our old furniture. Plus, it's taller than our old set. No matter how large it looks I'm SOOO happy to have furniture in there again! Tonight I'm determined to find a nice light colored rug for that room. FYI, husband, we're going to home depot after work today.

3) Baby Girl has been moving up a storm lately!  I don't know if I just didn't notice it before or if she's just had a big growth spurt or what, but for the last 2 or 3 days my entire belly has been rolling and changing shape.  It's the weirdest/coolest thing ever!  Just a few minutes ago I was sitting at my desk at work, and the left side of my stomach stuck WAY out to the side. Like she rolled over and stuck her bum out.   Man, we can't wait to meet her!

4) We had snow in Tacoma this week! ...For less than a day and then it melted.  But it was here! I saw it!

5) One of the things I love about working at a college....CHRISTMAS BREAK. (or "Holiday Break" ...whatev.) Today is the last day of work until the New Year.  I am so stinkin' pumped to be able to do whatever I want for 11 whole days with no work! Wooo!
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  1. man...and i start back up at work :( boo.

  2. Your living room is gorgeous - I'm lovin' that new sofa!

  3. congrats on your little babe! when are you due? your living room looks awesome. my roommate and i just got a new couch for our tiny apartment, and it looked HUGE in our living room the first couple of days. i think yours looks great!

  4. My Husband and I are looking for a new couch, and yours is wonderful! Do you like the "L" Shape?! We're having a hard time finding one that is "squishy" enough, haha!

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