A father's day recap

Yeah...I'm a week late with this post.  Sorry about that.

So Father's Day was good.  We had both of our families over for a BBQ.  The best part, it was actually a nice and warm enough day that we could be outside!  I even wore a dress. 

It was the first time both of my sisters and I have all been in the same place since Ellie's birthday.  And the first time since then that my youngest sister had even got to spend time with E!
And of course, it was Brad's first Father's Day.  I made him a surprise Spinach & Bacon quiche, and made him a little card.  I'd planned to bring breakfast to him in bed, but he always gets up before I do. 

I did get up at 5am to feed Ellie, so I stayed up, made coffee and put the quiche in the oven. When I came back to bed, he immediately smelled the coffee brewing and was all excited that I'd started the pot for him.  When I told him I'd made quiche too, he was over the moon. It's the little things that get that man excited.

After the quiche was done, I went back to sleep (cause it was still only 5:30).  And then he let me sleep in until baby needed to eat again at 8...  so. fail at breakfast in bed. But he loved it anyway.

I have absolutely loved getting to watch this boyfriend turned husband of mine become a father.  He was a bit of a goof when we met 7 years ago.  And, wouldn't you know it, goofs make the best dads.

Ellie loves her daddy like crazy. Every time he's in the room, she watches him constantly and smiles real wide just to get his attention.  Earlier this week, she was smiling at and talking to his picture on the mantle while he was at work.  He cried when I told him that.

It's so sweet to see how much he loves our baby girl. He tells her he loves her constantly, and also threatens to squeeze her till her head bursts.  Because that's how you express true, deep love, you know.  Especially to an infant.

When he comes home from work, he immediately runs to Ellie.  Then they spend the next few minutes chatting while she tells him about her day (by cooing and gurgling and big gummy grins). I'm pretty much a big puddle of mush whenever those two are together.

See?  Mush.

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  1. Such a sweet post!

    The last picture needs to be framed! You can see how much the both of them adore each other in that picture!


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