This is my house.  

On Monday, I took a personal day from work to stay home and get a few things done, and also run a few errands.  

The afternoon turned out really nice. It was sunny and fairly warm outside. I had a little bit of outdoor painting that needed to be done, so I decided it was the perfect day to get that done. 

I went down to the basement to collect the paint brush, and bucket.  While I was down there I discovered that my little cat had been peeing on a plastic tarp that was on a low shelf...  apparently, she didn't like the type of litter I'd bought for her box. 

I carefully picked up the plastic tarp, trying not to spill it all over the place, and grumbled a lot. A lot. It was gross. I carried it up the stairs and out of the backdoor.  Another thing Kitty likes to do is run out of any door that's left open to the outside. So I slammed the door behind me after I'd exited.

After depositing the nasty thing in the dumpster, I went back to the house, and found the door was locked. My keys, and cell phone...everything was still inside, while I was outside. 

Thankfully, my mom had just returned home from a business trip. Their house is about 3 miles away from mine, and I didn't know if I had any choice but to walk to her. She also has a key to my house.  After walking about a block, I remembered there was a Locksmith just around the corner from my house. So I walked down there first to see how much it would cost for them to come let me in. 

The guy told me that because I lived so close, he would give me half-off the price, but it'd still be $45.  So I asked to use the phone instead.  Thankfully, Mother answered (she often doesn't), and I talked her into driving my dad's van (he had her car in Canada) to come and unlock my house.

10 or so minutes later, and I was inside. 

That was the first time I'd locked myself out.

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